Fresh air – sleep outside some days

For me nothing is as important as getting good sleep.

My life suffers exponentially if I’m not getting enough rest each night.

I’m not talking about getting 5 hours. I mean I need a full 8 hours of sleep every single night. When I dip below that, things go downhill very quickly. My mental health and my physical health deteriorate rapidly. That’s why I’ll go to almost any extent to make sure that I’m comfortable and able to sleep at night. Most of the time, this means that I crank my AC unit all night long. I try to get the room down to about 62 degrees so that I can bundle up in blankets without waking up covered in sweat and feeling like my organs are boiling in the middle of the night. I love the feeling of fresh air as I sleep also. There have been times when this hasn’t been possible, however, I find ways to make do. Recently, I was staying at a friend’s lake house, when their AC unit went out. There’s normally wouldn’t be a huge issue, except for the fact that it was the dead of Summer and we were staying in a secluded Mountain Home. We weren’t going to be able to get professional HVAC technicians on the scene for at least another week or two. They needed time to prepare to bring all of their HVAC equipment up the side of this mountain. Since we were going to be staying in a hot and sweaty house all night, I started to panic. I knew I wouldn’t get any rest in that humid air inside, so I started making do outside. I pulled out an air mattress and set it up on the deck. I then set up a tent right on top of it, and dragged out some blankets. You guessed right, I slept out there all night long. The sounds of animals rustling around me were a bit concerning, but I still slept like a baby with all of that cool refreshing air.

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