It's simply too much work

I am employed by a local heating, ventilation & A/C supplier, plus recently the supplier I work for ended up taking on work overtime from another heating, ventilation & A/C supplier here in town.

Sort of enjoy a temporary work arrangement.

It is both fantastic plus terrible. The fantastic thing is that it means every one of us as modern Heating & Air Conditioning workers have more work, plus the modern heating plus cooling supplier pays us more for these extra tasks. The terrible side is that in reality, this is just too much work for anyone. A lot of us have felt overworked plus underpaid because of what’s been going on in the course of a day. They gave a lot of us heat plus air conditioning workers work overtime, plus I was not a single of the people that would agree to do that. I have a family plus I need to spend quality time with them on the weekends. Although the extra income would be nice, our family is more substantial to me! Plus, if I had weekends, I would be so burnt out on heating, ventilation & A/C that I would really end up quitting the modern Heating & Air Conditioning supplier plus going to school to find a modern jobin something else this late in life. And that would not be a fantastic thing for me or our family. So I simply just will not provide overtime. I do hope that sometime soon this temporary arrangement of work overtime comes to an end plus things are back to normal at the heating, ventilation & A/C supplier I have worked for all these years!

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