Eating too much sugar is an issue

Nearly everyone is addicted to something.

Some people get hooked on drugs, alcohol, nicotine and all sorts of vices.

For me, sugar is my weakness. Everyday, I look for something with sugar in it. I especially like to crush up oreos and mix them into my yogurt. For lunch, I munch on carrots and humus. It’s very healthy, but I often include some dark chocolate on the side. During the day, I appease my hunger with apples, grapes and blueberries. Then I switch to eating sour gummies as a reward. Even if I eat a healthy dinner of salmon and salad, I end the night with a chocolate ice cream bar. I keep myself in peak physical shape. I participate in a group fitness class 4 days per week. For my personal workouts, I combine high intensity cardio with weightlifting. My body is toned, strong and I have impressive flexibility and stamina. My problem is the three extra pounds of belly fat. I can’t get rid of it. I know that those pounds are caused by the sugar I consume. I can’t stop my bad habit. I consulted with a certified fitness expert after my group fitness class and she suggested nutritional counseling. She says they design a meal plan with no room for additions. It would help to keep me on track and lose the extra weight. I only have problems with sugar. The personal trainer said there are snacks that would satisfy my sugar cravings. There are sugar free alternatives. I am not sure those are going to taste the same.


Certified Fitness Experts