Duct cleaning helps to improve indoor air quality

I couldn’t figure out why my house was suddenly so dusty.

Despite constant cleaning and vacuuming, there was always a film of dust buildup on surfaces.

My kids were frequently sneezing, coughing and complaining of sore throats. I checked the air filter of the furnace, but it wasn’t clogged or dirty. I then realized that the heating system was running far more often than usual. I noticed cold spots in various rooms and a slight musty smell in the house. Assuming there was some problem with the operation of the furnace, I called a local HVAC contractor for repair. The technician inspected the inner workings of the furnace and found no issues. The then checked out the duct system and discovered a significant accumulation of debris. He asked when I’d last had the ducts professionally cleaned. I hated to admit that I’d never even considered the condition of the ductwork. Since buying the home ten years before, I’d never done anything with the ducts. Our various remodeling projects caused a lot of dust and debris, which settled inside the ducts. The buildup was blocking airflow, forcing the furnace to work longer and harder. Plus, every time the heating system started up, it was spreading contaminants into the indoor air. The HVAC contractor performed a complete duct cleaning. He used equipment that looked a lot like a giant vacuum cleaner to dislodge and suck the pollutants out of the system. The whole process only took a couple of hours and caused no mess or damage. While the duct cleaning service was fairly expensive, it was definitely worth the investment.

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