Not a fan of the glamour bedroom

Each year in our location there is a fundraiser that appeals to the public.

Several craftsman, designers, plus interior decorators go to show off their skills plus completely makeover a total bummer of a house.

They chose a location that has been let go for numerous years plus it takes months to finish it up. Once it is done, the public can get in to see how it has been transformed. The money raised goes to help the town board plus numerous look forward to it each year. This year we made a decision to go plus I left feeling like my beach house was nothing more than a blank slate after it. Each room at the new house we toured was set to a cool theme, yet, they seemed to flow together. I, on the other end of it all, had painted each room the same color in my whole home attempt to get that feeling. Now, it just looks stupid plus I want to change the walls again. I grabbed a couple of cards from the designers who did the apartment to see if I could get some help from them. The only thing I was not happy with was the supplier that did the bedroom. They made it into a glamour bedroom plus it just didn’t go with the style of the house. There were also some interesting bedroom linens that were double sided in the bedroom that caught my eye. The high ceilings in that room permitted for the really tall poles attached to the bed that made the glamour look really ugly. The carpenter that had created them said that he could customize just about any sort of bed frame that a person might need so I grabbed his information as well.

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