Happy to have found a nice HVAC service plan

I have to admit, I don’t like working on my HVAC system at all.

I don’t even like changing the air filters because all that dust makes me cough.

I’m sensitive to things like that, dust, debris, pet dander, you name it. I can’t even be around cleaning products because they make me feel sick. I tell you, that drives my wife nuts and she typically makes me leave the house when she is cleaning. As long as she keeps the windows open to air everything out, I don’t have any issues. I appreciate having good air quality in my home. Well, my wife got sick of it when I kept asking her to change the air filters. She said it was a man’s job. I didn’t really believe that, especially since there are many female HVAC technicians these days. Well, she told me that she is not an HVAC professional, and left it at that. So I ended up calling the HVAC company and they told me about their HVAC service plans. When I learned there was a plan where they actually changed the air filters too on top of all the other regular maintenance, I knew I had to sign up! So now I am getting everything taken care of for me these days. I really love the fact that they call me up early in the year in order to schedule the days that they can come over to take care of business. Everything is just so easy and straightforward when it comes to having a good HVAC service plan.


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