The HVAC industry is going places with all the smart technology

The HVAC industry has certainly picked up a lot of momentum with smart technology in the past few decades.

There was a time when nobody knew anything about smart thermostats or HVAC systems that could be controlled remotely.

That has become a time of the past and now smart technology all comes together in perfect harmony. These days, you can connect your thermostat to your dryer because of the wifi connections. You can connect your HVAC to your alexa devices and incorporate voice control with your HVAC system. You can even be in your car driving to or from work and tell your alexa you want your HVAC to be at a certain setting in 5 minutes, and your thermostat will get the command through alexa. It is such an amazing time we live in where we had the most advanced technology that we’ve ever had. With HVAC technology getting better all the time, there might just come a time when HVAC installation will be so easy, the average homeowner can do it! Oh wait, we already have easy installation like that with DIY ductless mini splits! This is a particular smart HVAC system that I love because it brings the future into your hands. Imagine the savings with installing your own HVAC system, and then making it work with the smart app! I tell you, it doesn’t get much better than smart HVAC technology. With these types of systems being more affordable than ever, everybody should be considering making an upgrade! I have and I have not been disappointed.

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