Making good updates

When I first moved into my house I had grand plans on what I was going to do with it. I had a bunch of money saved, prepared to gut either the master bathroom or the kitchen. Instead I ended up needing to buy a brand new HVAC device right off the get go. It was 17 years old, made a horrible screeching sound and hardly provided any AC. I also needed to buy a washer and dryer since the previous owner chose not to leave them. She left all her garbage and furniture she didn’t want, and the washer and dryer were removed. I am still bitter about it. I ended up blowing all my savings on things I wasn’t prepared for. So I still can’t gut my bathroom and kitchen. I am able to do small touch ups that make a big change. I have painted every room in the house and scrapped the popcorn ceilings. I have changed the switch plates, added new hardware on the bathroom cabinets and even replaced the toilets in each bathroom. A big update for me was changing the hallway thermostat. It was a basic beige toggle thermostat. You would take a plastic toggle to change the temperature from the 60 degree range to the 70 degree range. It was specific and it was hard to read. It was extremely easy to bump and mess with the HVAC settings. I bought a smart thermostat with a silver surround and interactive interface. I get told about air filter changes, the weather, humidity levels and energy efficient settings now.