Was able to put an end to some crime in the neighborhood

I’ve never been all that good at solving mysteries, but I was disturbed when I started hearing about our neighbors having their window A/C units stolen.

Now I’m going to be honest, I didn’t believe in using window A/C units anyway.

That’s not the point though. There was somebody out there stealing people’s property and that was not cool. If they were willing to steal window A/C units, they would certainly be willing to steal other items of value. So I decided to get a video surveillance system for my house covering all around my property. I even had the cameras looking into the street so I could get a view of what was happening with some of the neighbors as well. I guess this was the first step towards a solid neighborhood watch. Neighbors appreciate it when you look out for them, especially when they are not home. The other good thing that I love about the video surveillance system is that it is stealthy. It’s not meant to scare off the criminals, it’s meant to catch them in the act. These cameras were really small and you wouldn’t know they were there if you didn’t know about them already. So I ended up catching the criminals on video breaking into my neighbors across the street. I showed the neighbors and then the police the footage. We were able to get their license plate and the police tracked them. They found a place with a bunch of window A/C units, air purifiers, and even smart thermostats. These people apparently were selling HVAC components and parts that they were stealing from houses.