Doc AC

As a certified company, I’ve inspected a lot of heating and cooling systems over the years, installing and servicing, but there are numerous systems in the market and choosing the right plan for your building could be beneficial to a building owner. I propose every owner of a building to choose a plan that would be ideal for the size of space. I’d been contracted to fit a unit at the current hospital downtown and prior to the work, I had to go survey the building in order to be able to choose the best heating equipment for the hospital, however after consultation with a cooling tech who was my colleague, both of us settled on a zoned Heating, Ventilation and A/C. This unit would be ideal because the heat pump used can give out different temperatures within different rooms depending on the occupant. This unit uses intricate air ducts that should have effective duct sealing to avoid leaking air moisture. It incorporates an oil furnace and an air conditioning plan as space for the current heating units. The cooling company I worked for had dispatched a team of five to help with the installation. The people I was with and I managed to install the unit within 3 afternoons separate from any hiccups, both of us also gave the hospital administration a booklet where they could learn more about air conditioning and be able to note troubles on the plan in the future. The people I was with and I also installed a section oil furnace and a oil furnace down at the utility room to keep the staff warm. The administration would later request us to install radiant floors and dual fuel systems in cancer and pediatric wings respectively. The people I was with and I were glad to have worked with professionals who were not only interested in units however also wanted to know how often to perform repair for a longer-lasting unit.

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