My son would make a fine HVAC technician

I’m an HVAC professional, and a pretty good one if I had to be the judge.

The thing I have to admit is that I get pretty aggravated sometimes and usually it’s the customers that I have to deal with.

It’s not all the customers mind you, most of them are good people. There are some people though who just drive me nuts. I have these one customers who I have told on numerous occasions that they have to change their air filters every month. They have asked me why they can’t change them every quarter of the year or less than that. I told them it’s because air filters get clogged up with regular use… as that’s their design to pull the contaminants from the air and to protect the HVAC system. They ask me why they shouldn’t use the cheap fiberglass air filters, well because they aren’t really protecting the HVAC system! I mean, you would think this kind of stuff was common sense but not to these people. I have been to their home for numerous emergency repair calls and it’s not a pretty picture. They actually have the nerve to get attitude about the expenses for fixing their HVAC system while I have to be there fixing their HVAC system in the middle of the night on a Saturday. Now my son has a similar personality to me which I think is mostly good, but I worry sometimes. He has been known to hurt people’s feelings at school. He is asking a lot of HVAC questions though which I like. I think he would make a fine HVAC technician like his father.


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