Living without heat makes me strong

For the past decade I have absolutely hated winter.

When I was younger I don’t think that the seasonal change affected me so much.

When you are just a kid the snow is actually kind of fun to play in. When you become an adult, you realize that the winter climate is nothing that you want to celebrate. I have been completely aversive to the Ice Cold air temperatures, falling snow, and ice storms that regularly plagued our area in the coldest season of the year. I have absolutely sworn that I would never go through another ice cold winter ever again. And then… I found myself living back in the chilly climate. Let me tell you, winter isn’t actually so bad as long as you get used to it right away. Thankfully, my heating and cooling system was ready to help me with this bullet point early on in the winter season. I woke up one day and my heating, cooling, and ventilation system was not working. No matter how high I adjusted the thermostat, I could not get any warm air passing through my air vents. I desperately tried to fiddle with the furnace myself before realizing that I had no idea how to fix a heating system. Eventually, I had to forfeit myself to the idea of living with small space heaters because I could not afford a heating, cooling, and air quality control appointment. For the past several months I have been living with barely any indoor heat… but I don’t mind. Let me tell you, you get used to Winter very quickly when it’s always cold.

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