The efficiency of a heat pump

The way upper north is one of those areas

I read all about heat pumps online and was just about to pull the trigger when I found the fine print. Heat pump systems are the most efficient HVAC option out there. You get both heating and cooling in a single unit. That means only one unit to pay for installation, repairs and service on. Also, the heat pump system operates in an efficient manner. With a furnace it has to burn fuel to create the heating in your home. A heat pump just borrows it from the outside and pushes it inside the house. For a cooling effect the heated air is moved outdoors. You get cleaner air since the outside fresh air is coming in and the air is more efficient. Homeowners have said the system pays back itself in a few months. This is a good thing since the initial cost is quite expensive. Another pro is the heat pump can be ductless as well. You don’t need to worry about holes in ductwork causing high energy bills or dirt ruining your indoor air quality. A ductless system means zone control is possible too. Each room in the house can have its own temperature program to decrease the energy bills and increase comfort. I wanted a heat pump so bad but I realized that it can’t function in severe cold. Some places simply have no heat energy to pump. The way upper north is one of those areas. I did find I can combine a heat pump and furnace for a dual fuel system. I have no clue if it is worth it though.

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