I needed to get repairs on my propane boiler

My parents have gone out of their way to help me after I graduated from college.

I didn’t have a job lined up, nor was I planning on going to graduate school.

I was immensely thankful when they encouraged me to move back home while I found my path moving forward. Although I secured a part time job at the bank right after I got my diploma, I didn’t get a full time job until a few months later. The new place employment was a dental office—they needed someone to troubleshoot computer and IT problems. At this time, I decided to attend night classes at a trade school to get my computer technician’s certification license. My parents thankfully helped offset the cost of the trade school classes, knowing that it was giving me a career to work for the rest of my life. When I became certified, I secured an even higher paying job. This gave me the freedom to rent an apartment for the first time in my life. Before long, I felt like I had finally progressed to the next stage in my life. Unfortunately, I ran into a huge road bump leading up to the end of the autumn season last year. My propane boiler wasn’t working properly, despite still providing minimal heat. Since the heater wasn’t technically broken, the property manager refused to replace or fix the boiler. I didn’t have the money myself, so my parents graciously offered to loan me the money to get my boiler repaired. I’m still planning on billing the property manager after the HVAC tech found serious issues with the boiler that the maintenance team at the apartment complex never mentioned.


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