Modular bathroom when my house bathroom got destroyed

It was expensive, but not like it should have been

I live in a flood zone and every time there is a hurricane warning I just sweat it out. My area is always covered in red and said to be an evacuation zone. I have needed to leave my house for days before. I have cleaned up tons of damage and made repairs every time a hurricane hits too. The most recent storm knocked down a large tree that went through my roof. Sadly, the tree went through to my bathroom. Since the house was opened up to all critters and bugs, I had to seal it off with tarps. I also had to call for a roofing business and a plumber. My place was still able to be used, but I did not have running water. I looked into getting a hotel room or an apartment temporarily. With the amount of time the roof and plumber projected, I needed a less costly solution. I found online that there our modular bathrooms. It is a shipping container that is dropped off in your lawn. It is a way better version of a porta potty. There is a toilet, sink, hand dryer and a shower stall all in the modular bathroom. I used that exclusively the whole time work was being done. It was expensive, but not like it should have been. It was so nice not worrying about going to the bathroom or taking a shower. Yes, I had to walk outside to access it, but in the summer it was not bad. I ended up liking that little bathroom quite a bit.



Shipping container house