HVAC workers find a hidden hallway in house

When we bought this house it just had a wall furnace and an old window air conditioning unit that was probably older than I am. We knew we would have real heating and air conditioning installed before we even purchase the place. We selected an HVAC unit with a good BTU rating and hired a reputable HVAC company to install it. The price of the central heating and air was manageable because it came with our mortgage and there was no real big installation problems until recently. Actually, it’s not an actual problem with the installation that I’m talking about. The problem is what was found during the installation. One of the HVAC workers found a hidden hallway between the garage and the living room. This hallway is not accessible by any door in the house and it’s not on the floor plan. The only reason the HVAC worker found it was because there were several feet unaccounted for between the living room and the garage. Of course we were curious when he brought this to our attention and we asked him to drill into the wall so we could take a look. He put a probe through the wall, the kind they use to look down the ductwork, and we could see there was an old rug on the floor, pictures on the wall, a small lamp stand and a lamp. This hidden scene really unnerved me. It was hard to see the pictures on the wall but there was something familiar about them. Now I don’t know if we should just move out or if we should knock down the wall and add a few feet of living space to our living room. This hidden hallway is very strange as it doesn’t lead to anywhere. Or does it?


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