I ended up having a really great time at this family get together

Family get togethers are usually kind of boring to me.

If I don’t come to these gatherings, my mother always gives me a really hard time about it, so I basically have no choice but to go.

The last family get together I went to turned out to be kind of nice. There was this young lady whom I didn’t recognize and I went to talk to her. I was trying to figure out how we were related, but she said we definitely were not related. She said she was the friend of my cousin Rachel, and she was invited to come to this thing. I told her I was sorry for that, and she said she was actually having a great time. We really hit it off when we were talking. Eventually though, the HVAC system quit working in the house. It was starting to get really hot in the place and I said I was going to call the HVAC company to take care of this problem. The young lady I was talking to said that it wasn’t necessary, she could handle the problem. I looked at her a little strangely, and she explained that she was an HVAC technician. When my mother learned that this young lady was going to fix the HVAC system, she was absolutely delighted. The young lady had the tools in her car and everything so she was able to get everything fixed without a hitch. When she had the A/C working again in only 30 minutes, everybody was amazed. I actually ended up having a toast and thanked this girl for her excellent HVAC skills and fixing the A/C, and thanked everybody for the wonderful get together, and toasted to many more to come.



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