How to not get taken advantage of when fixing your HVAC system

There are a lot of home repair professionals that will try to take advantage of you, but if you know how to stand your ground you will be okay.

One industry where I have noticed this a lot is the HVAC industry.

Just last week I had an HVAC technician come to my house for a quote and he told me an outrageous price. I knew from past experience that the cost of the particular HVAC parts he was talking about were not that expensive. I called another HVAC technician and had him come out, and after I told him that I knew the HVAC parts should be cheaper he said he agreed and quoted me a much lower price. Just to see if the other HVAC technician was taking advantage of me I decided to have my wife call him and explain the problem pretending to be someone else. I told my wife to say that she had an HVAC problem that she had in the past and knew that it was a simple fix. The HVAC technician this time quoted her a much lower price because he knew he couldn’t take advantage of her. The new quote that we got from the HVAC technician was still much higher than that other techican which provides a good example of why you need to get multiple HVAC technicians to come out and give you a quote. I have been dealing with HVAC technicians for many years and I know that you just have to search a little bit hard for a good one sometimes. Once you find a good HVAC techcanin you really need to keep them.

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