Get a service agreement to save big money on your HVAC costs

You really should get a service contract when you get a new HVAC system installed.

I know that sometimes people aren’t offered service contracts if the HVAC technician forgets, but it is important to ask for one because it can save you a lot of money on future HVAC repairs.

I forgot that I had a service contract until my HVAC technician brought it up to me, I would have spent almost 3 times as much money if I wouldn’t have remembered that I had an HVAC contract! Luckily as I was about to pay my HVAC techcanin my wife came down with papers that were the service agreement and handed them to the HVAC techcanin. The service contract with our HVAC company stated that all of the HVAC parts for the particular problem we were having would be free of cost and we only had to pay for the HVAC mechanic to come out. Next time you get a new HVAC unit installed you should really inquire about a service contract. Sometimes it costs a little more money upfront but HVAC can really get costly if something breaks. I am happy that your HVAC company offers service contracts and seems to stand by them. I have heard of some friends that lost their service agreement papers and then the HVAC company said that they had no record to go by. It can seem like a bad idea to get a service contract for your new HVAC system, but I promise you that it really is the way to go. My uncle is an HVAC technician and he makes sure that all of his clients in HVAC have a service agreement.


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