You shouldn’t even think about working on your own HVAC system

Any type of mistake that you might make on your own could end up being very costly

If you are thinking about working on your own HVAC system, you probably should think again. You might be great at working on your car engine, maybe you are able to change your own oil regularly, or perhaps you are great at fixing various appliances around the house. The thing is, none of these things are remotely similar to the HVAC system in your home. HVAC professionals typically train for years before they are officially qualified to work on these systems for a living. You also must have the proper tools and gauges for the work involved in fixing HVAC equipment. You definitely need items like gloves, goggles, respiratory protection and ear protection to work on this type of equipment. Because these systems rely on electricity and chemicals, they are extremely dangerous to work on if you are not certified to do so. If you so much as cross the wrong wire, you could easily electrocute yourself. By not knowing what you are doing, you could end up blowing the A/C condenser unit, which happens to be the most expensive part of the A/C system. Also think about the warranty for your HVAC equipment. As soon as you try to work on it on your own, you automatically void any kind of warranty that you have. Any type of mistake that you might make on your own could end up being very costly. Even though you should always have the professionals take care of the repairs, there are some things you can do on your own. You can easily change the air filters regularly, and also you can clear any debris from your outdoor A/C condenser unit. Also be sure to check that the circuit breaker is not tripped if your HVAC is not working before calling the professionals.


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