Not sure if I love heated flooring or not – you tell me

I decided to test out heated flooring before I got my whole apartment installed with it, however i am in the process of redoing the floors in my house.

I am ripping up all the carpet plus cement plus replacing it with hardwood.

It makes sense that during this process to install the oil furnace under the floorboards, then my gas furnace is about to die anyway. I can rip out the gas oil furnace plus just rely on heated flooring, however, I wanted to think if I would love radiant heating before I committed to it. I made the mistake though of picking the wrong room to test of radiant heat. I got the heated flooring installed in the living room first. Having heated flooring in the living room is not great. I cook with the burners plus stove everyday, the heat from that component is quite a bit, combine this with radiant heating plus I am a sweaty beast. My feet are so slick with sweat that I suppose love I could fall on the floor as well. It is not the fault of the radiant heater. I just love cooking with hot tools, then but, now I need to make a decision. Do I install heated flooring in another room or just put hardwood over top plus figure on a current furnace? I don’t want to install more heated flooring if I will end up not liking it. But, I am not sure that I don’t love it. I think that cooking with radiant heating is not pleasant. But maybe I would love sizzling feet in the dining room or bathroom.


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