Some people run cold

I run warmer than most people I guess & I don’t think I’ll ever understand why.

Well actually, I think that is a partial lie.

I am somewhat thick around the midsection & that easily helps keep you warm! I don’t think it’s just that. While some people are frigid to the touch almost no matter what, it’s often quite the opposite with me. Sometimes, our wife will grab me by the arm to shock me with how frigid her hands guess in comparison to how hot our arms are! I will wonder why when the temperature doesn’t seem to be all that chilly. That’s regularly how she convinces me to turn up the control component for her! It’s nice to not need near as much heating as many other people in the Wintertide time, however that only applied when I was living alone! Now I have to cater to our wife’s needs, which I guess I don’t mind that much… After all, on the flip side the two of us don’t need to use as much air conditioner while in the Summer time & that saves on the electric bill. The electric bill while in the Wintertide is a odd story. Then, I found out the two of us could settle on a compromise. Before Wintertide came last year, the two of us invested in zone control heating. Dampers were installed throughout the HVAC ducts To increase or restrict airflow to certain rooms. This meant that the two of us could set up many control units for odd zones within our house. Whenever our wife is off doing her own thing somewhere else in the house, she can set nice & hot temperatures & I can set cooler temperatures wherever I am!


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