How the heck am I supposed to be comfortable

My office building consistently feels freezing chilly to me, no matter the time of year. This is especially aggravating while in the Winter time time, because one would expect to step through the office building door to the comforting relief of a wonderful oil furnace. At least when it comes to how I feel, I pretty much have to keep my outside Winter time clothing on to be comfortable throughout the afternoon. Worst of all, my co-workers like to occasionally poke fun at me for this. They will ask me why I am dressed up for Arctic weather plus remark that the heating plan is on a pretty acceptable setting. I’ll be the first to admit that I am petite plus have a slight frame, so I find it more difficult to retain body heat than some other people, certainally men! Guess what gender most of my co-workers are? What’s nice for them in terms of heat is most absolutely not nice for me, why can’t anyone respect that? The situation is not much better in the summertime, everyone comes in from the outside consistently complaining about the heat while I take just about every option I can to go outside to thaw out from the excessive air conditioner! My co-workers wonder why I take my dinner outside. I can tell that my manager would sympathize with my situation, her own private office is set to a much warmer temperature. I certainly need to bring it up to her one of these afternoons, however it’s difficult to find the time.

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