Exchange stale air for fresh

There aren’t a lot of things in this life that tend to compare with the exhilarating sense of breathing in clean, brilliant fresh air.

I happen to love going on hikes in the mountains for this truly reason.

Getting up early on a Springtime morning in the mountains to go outside plus breathe in lungfuls of the fresh air rates truly high on my list of bests. I wish I had lots of access to fresh air love this more often. Frankly, the air contained inside my lake house was nothing even close to the word fresh. The air in my lake house was once nothing to write back to the house about. Our lake house is sealed up tight all the time because the people I was with and I live in an area where the Heating plus A/C runs literally continuously for much of the year. Hence, the air in our lake house just gets passed around, recycled over plus over. I attacked the concern with all the random types of fragrant sprays, candles plus even one of those plug in systems that personally sprays fragrance every few minutes. Nothing truly worked. It was truly feeling like putting lipstick on a pig. So, I called my local heating plus cooling professional one day to see what he might be able to do about it. They sent a young, happy tech over with what they felt would be the remedy I was looking for. The peppy Heating plus A/C worker was coming to install an HRV vent. HRV apparently stands for Heat Recovery Vent. It simply pulls the same amount of fresh air from the air outside as the Heating plus A/C method vents. The difference was totally immediate plus delightful. I highly request the HRV solution to dank inside air.


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