Odd sized home needed custom furniture pieces

After Micky and I bought our home, the two of us just noticed the size and shape of the rooms.

The kitchen as well as dining room are basically one large open floor plan with small alcoves.

The office is situated around a big fireplace as well as most of the bedrooms have slanted ceilings. The majority of the rooms look seriously large as well as they have oddly sized windows. The home has a great deal of charm. But, I abruptly realized that furnishing as well as decorating this sort of house was nearly impossible. I was not able to find curtains to fit the windows. Mickey searched without success for dressers to fit into the bedrooms. Mickey and I had no plan how to organize the living as well as dining rooms. Mickey had no luck on his hunt for a table that would fit into the kitchen. My brother commanded that I go through a custom furniture shop. Although this was way more expensive than simply buying from retail stores, everything was tailored to perfectly fit as well as suit the home. Mickey and I were able to determine a style which included a color palette as well as textures. The custom furniture shop built everything from the kitchen table as well as chairs to the sofa as well as bed frames. They sewed the curtains as well as pillows from fabrics that I chose. Also, I consulted with a designer who helped myself and Mickey with the overall system as well as difficult choices. I didn’t end up with a bunch of not needed things.


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