The heat pump does still work

It has been 10 years plus it still works

I know heating repair is a scam. My heating unit has never been touched by a professional since the replacement… It is not because I have not wanted a heating tune up. I would have loved to get a HVAC dealer in my house to disinfect the oil furnace once a season. I would adore him to oil, lubricate plus check for worn parts. My heating component was costly, plus I would adore it to live longer; No heating supplier will come to my house. I have called multiple companies plus nobody ever has a spot for my heater, then they are always too busy plus I get on a waiting list. The reason I know heating repair is a scam is because my oil furnace is fine. No heating service, service or tune up since I purchased it plus the component works great, however every now plus then the oil furnace thinks it is going to make an discouraging noise. I then disinfect the outside of it with a rag. I take off the vent plus disinfect the inside. I then shove a vacuum hose up inside of it for good measure, but after that, the oil furnace works adore a charm. Every now plus after that I need to turn it off plus give it a break, somedays the oil furnace won’t turn on, but after a few mornings of waiting, it is ready to roll again. It has been 10 years plus it still works. With heating service, it is said my oil furnace could live 15 years. I have saved quite a bit never getting a professional. I also know I might be able to get 5 more years out of it.


furnace/heater tune-up

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