Ripping out the air ducts in there

When I moved into my first house, I did not realize the labor that came with it.

I thought the apartment just needed a little updates here & there! What it absolutely needed was to be gutted & totally redone.

That is why I got it for such a low price. Overtime I have done the labor necessary to get my apartment functional. I had to get all the plumbing ripped out & updated with copper. I had to get the electric rewired. I also needed to remove the ductworks from the home. This required my walls & ceiling all to be ripped down. Then the HVAC dealer ripped out the 8 inch metal ductwork. Afterwards, I had to drywall & paint over the modern walls. The reason that ductork had to go is that it was destructiond beyond repair. I believe critters got into the home & chewed aggressively into the ductwork. The HVAC contractor could not perform deep enough duct sealing to maintenance it. I wanted ductless HVAC anyway. This allows for zone control & is better for the air quality. After the removal of the ductlabor & modern walls, I had to get the modern HVAC set up. I then set up control units in each room for zone control. After everything was all finished, the apartment temperature control was perfect. I appreciate having ductless HVAC & zone control. But, the road to getting it was a rough, time consuming & luxurious one. At particular points in the journey I thought about giving up & just doing portable HVAC.


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