The aged theater

I am going to see a musical in this absolutely aged theater in the city! The theater has all the original walls & ceilings.

The ceilings are intricately painted & the railings are all original. The theater is just appealing, but it could use a few updates, and one thing I guess needs a facelift is the HVAC equipment. I get it, a large HVAC equipment would ruin the look of the theater. They can’t absolutely mount a ductless mini chop on the aged walls or painted ceiling. A oil furnace plan could not be safely installed in a decaying building. I believe what the theater does is baseboard heating. I guess there are little vents along the floor that affix to a basement boiler system. In the winter, going to the theater is not bad. The heating is not the best, but at least there is heat! My main issue is the lack of AC, however seeing a show in the Summer is rough. I am about to see a show & it is encroaching weather that a/c would be nice. I am hoping that the theater is still naturally cool since it is a sealed building. If not, then I am doomed, then no AC with the numerous bodies creates for quite awarmbuilding. Installing ductworks is not feasible. The building would truly tumble down & it would ruin the walls, then but, there must be some cooling choice that is not invasive. The theater absolutely could use this. I would be looking forward to my show if there was AC.


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