The electric fireplace was a nice addition

My girlfriend and I started looking at apartments a couple of weeks ago.

We decided it was time to take our relationship to the next level.

I was living with a couple of friends and my girlfriend was living at home with her parents. Getting a fresh and new apartment together seemed like the best idea. We were looking for a while, but we recently found a really nice two bedroom apartment with one and a half bathrooms. We looked at a lot of two-bedroom apartments, but there was one item in particular that stood out and made us finally choose this particular place. The living room had a corner fireplace. It was an electric fireplace, but it was built directly into the wall. It looked really nice and sleek and contemporary. The electric fireplace had several different settings for heating as well as LED lights for the background. My girlfriend and I weren’t looking for an apartment with a fireplace, but we knew the place was perfect as soon as we saw it. We gave the manager a deposit and the apartment will be ready in a couple of weeks. My girlfriend and I are both packing our furniture and clothing in two boxes. It won’t be long before both of us are living in our own place. My roommates aren’t happy that I am skipping out on the lease a couple of months early, but I found someone to take my place and pay the rent. My girlfriend’s parents are happy that she is finally moving out of the house, but I’m not completely sure they are excited about the fact that she is moving in with me.


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