Vehicle wrapping can be ugly.

I had been seeing these ads for vehicle wrapping.

They would location a shrink wrap ad over your vehicle plus you would get paid to drive your car. According to the ad, I could make as much as $500 a month just by driving our vehicle plus letting people see the vehicle wrapping advertising their wares. At the time I signed the agreement, I didn’t supply any thought to how the vehicle wrapping would look. I guess I was thinking about the ads that I saw on the sides of vehicle doors, or those on bumpers or in the windows. All I knew was that once the vehicle wrapping was done, our vehicle was ugly. The ad that I had chosen was a total vehicle wrapping that encompassed our entire car. The only location that didn’t have any ads was the side plus front window. I was devastated plus ashamed to drive our car. With a vehicle wrapping this ostentatious, I didn’t even want to be seen in it. I thought people would guess sorry for myself and others for being so desperate for money that I would sink this low. The vehicle wrapping was only on for a few minutes when I took our vehicle back to the auto customization shop plus asked them to detach the vehicle wrapping. The man behind the counter smiled plus said I wasn’t the only one who had changed their mind about vehicle wrapping. He said that at least 50% of all vehicle owners trying this, had brought their vehicle back to have the vehicle wrapping detachd.