Don’t get why my boyfriend keeps his place so cold

My boyfriend and I have been dating for such a long time and I have never seen his apartment.

It’s really not that I worry about what his property would look like because he’s a pretty fresh guy and I feel his property will be perfectly wiped as well.

However, I am bothered about why he’s never invited me over in the past. I worry that he is trying to keep something entirely away from me. When he invited me over the first time and told me he would make me dinner I was so happy. I thought it would be a great time seeing his modern place and I couldn’t wait to see what he had cooked up. However, right when I walked in I knew why I was never actually invited over in the first place. It’s because he prefers to keep his property entirely freezing cold. I don’t love to keep my home freezing cold because I love to save cash on my electric bill each month and I could tell that he spends a tremendous amount of cash on his electric bill because of how nippy his home was. I walked over to the temperature control unit to see he had it set to 65°. I asked the man if he wouldn’t mind modifying the temperature of the control unit because I was so freezing. He told me he would not be comfortable if it was above 65°. I thought this was a mean rule to have about your house. I certainly hope that the control unit doesn’t start causing major complications.

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