Need to be careful about moisture and my wood

No more bugs, mold or possible swelling of wood.

I will admit, I am a bit nuts when it comes to wood. The more wood furnishings, the better. My house has a wood ceiling that I am crazy about keeping clean and glossy. The wood walls had to be painted since they didn’t match, unfortunately. I did invest in tons of wood furniture. I have end tables, an ottoman and a very expensive oak kitchen table. One thing I read online about wood furniture is that you need to be careful about the humidity levels in your home. Too much humidity and the wood furniture tends to swell. Not enough moisture in the air quality causes the wood to split and crack. Iw ould hate to have all my expensive wood pieces damaged. I am an expert in humidity levels nwo. I have a smart thermostat that tells me the indoor humidity everyday. I also have a humidifier that pairs with my heating system in the wintertime. A little moisture goes a long way. The house feels warmer and my wood is protected. In the summertime I use a dehumidifier with the air quality to not allow any moisture inside. No more bugs, mold or possible swelling of wood. My air quality feels better, the home is able to reach the setting on the thermostat and nothing in my house gets damaged. It was worth investing in some HVAC equipment in order to keep everything in good shape. I am glad that I did the research and actually bought what was recommended. I haven’t regretted my investments even for a moment.
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