Always on the phone

My local heating and air conditioning specialist really annoys me.

  • And the only reason I even keep him around and keep him working on my central HVAC unit is because he is actually the best in the area.

He is very professional when it comes to his work on heating and air conditioning systems and will always get the job done with flying colors. The thing that annoys me about him is that he is constantly on his cell phone talking to either his wife or buddy while he’s working! I don’t understand how he can do that and do such a great job at either repairs to HVAC systems or HVAC tune ups. But somehow he pulls it off. It’s just the fact of I hate listening to him yack away to these people. Sometimes I work from home and am trying to get some paper work done while he is working on my central heating and air conditioning system. And when this happens it really distracts me having to hear him keep on talking about nothing. I was going to say something to him about this once, but I figured if I wanted to continue to have great heating and air conditioning tune up and repair service that I better keep my mouth shut and just let him do his thing. That was the best choice to make. I just have to deal with it and hope that eventually he’ll get bored chatting on his cell phone and just do the heat and a/c work that’s at hand. We will see.


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