Giving my home and HVAC a well needed upgrade

I moved into my house 10 years ago and while I have been here for quite some time I never did give the home the love it deserves. A lot of the house had old wallpaper that was gradually starting to peel off the walls, the roof needed to be replaced, and most importantly the HVAC system is in dire need of an upgrade. The heater has been making strange noises for quite some time now and the air conditioner has leaks where it escapes. If I were to contact the HVAC company today and have them send out a HVAC technician and repair both heater and A/C, the costs would be through the roof and without a doubt, way outside my budget. So instead I have figured that it is just better if I replaced the whole HVAC system. I did end up contacting the heating and cooling business to get an estimate of how much it would cost. When I received the estimate, I wasn’t at all surprised to find it out it would cost way more than I thought. But I found I would be able to afford it by signing up for a HVAC service plan, it came with an a/c care plan and covered any heating costs as well. It would save me a lot of money that it would normally cost me without it to have my entire HVAC system replaced. So I decided to go ahead, I signed up and then picked out a modern air conditioner and a nice furnace. When all the costs were finished I had not only upgraded my home, but saved my wallet from certain death.


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