My neighbor

I really adore my neighbor that lives next door to me.

She has been living there for the last 4 years and we have got to become great friends.

I do feel bad for her though. She has many health issues and this includes a lot of pain that she deals with every single day of her life. However, she has a marijuana card from her doctor which gives her the legal right to smoke weed. Yes, I know that sounds kind of crazy, but legal marijuana is something that is helping many folks today. When you have one of those marijuana cards from your doctor, you can go to the legal weed store and buy the marijuana that you need to help whatever your health issue is. Cancer is one thing that legal week and legal marijuana stores have been a big part in helping. Granted, legal weed is not a cure for cancer, but it is a way to help reduce the pain of the unfortunate person that has it. A person like this would be my neighbor I was just speaking of. She has been fighting cancer for a while, and lucky for her, she has nearly beat it! Part of this is thanks to the holistic nature and help of the legal weed she smokes. By her being active and not being laid up in pain all the time, it has helped in her fight. Without the legal marijuana, she may not have been able to be as active as she had been through her battle with this awful thing.

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