HVAC issues and flooding all in one week

The floorboards are still wet and nasty.

When it rains it pours. On Monday, there was a really bad smell in my house and I could not find the cause of it. It was giving me a bad headache and scented candles did not help. Even when I clean the entire house I couldn’t find the smell but I did eventually narrow the smell down to my heating and air conditioning ducts. That’s when I knew it was time to call out the HVAC cleaners. The HVAC cleaners came out and found the source of the stench. Apparently a squirrel got into my ductwork and passed away. They cleaned my ducks very well and then sealed the ductwork in order to keep animals out. The HVAC people also installed carbon filters in my HVAC system to help with the stench. When they were done, the smell was gone and I was ready to carry on my week. But then Thursday, my washing machine broke down and spilled water all over the laundry room and that leaked into the hallway and even one of the bedrooms. That created a huge mess. I pulled up the carpeting in the halway and now I have to have my carpeting replaced in areas and cleaned and others. The floorboards are still wet and nasty. I’m surprised that my house still does not smell musty even with all of this water lying around though. I guess those carbon filters must work really well. I just hope that I can find a carpet cleaning and a carpet laying company that are as helpful as the HVAC company was.
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