Talk about a hypothetical road trip and the HVAC(heating and cooling) unit in the hotel room.

Vacation is something that some people spend a lot of time planning to make it perfect for everyone involved.

I am certainly one of those people.

We were taking two weeks and driving south to see some family and to see some travel hot spots that we have always wanted to see but never had the chance. After reading all the reviews and finally booking everything and we were packed and ready to go. We got to our first hotel and it was just as nice as it looked on the website. As we got settled I decided to turn the air conditioning up so that when we got back from sight seeing we could be comfortable as it felt a little warm to us in the room. When we returned hours later it was nowhere near as cool as we thought so we called the front desk. Thinking it was the air conditioning unit just in our room, we insisted that they move us to a new room and we finally fell asleep. Around two in the morning it became very obvious it was an issue with the HVAC system in the entire hotel and it felt as if we turned the furnace on instead. While the staff brought fans to all the affected rooms they explained that there was an issue with the compressor and the cooling system had gone down on the top three floors. Luckily we had chosen to start our trip in the middle of the week and there were no air conditioning problems on several of the floors. We were moved to a new hotel the next day and we are now sure to always ask that the HVAC system is working upon check in.
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