Staying in shape is not the problem for my mom

My mom never had a problem staying in shape.

She always had this natural gift, along with strength and endurance.

She is one who can’t stay still, she has to be active. My mom will get antsy if she stays still for too long. Her ability to constantly fidget is what helps her keep her shape. Her metabolism isn’t what it used to be, so it’s a good thing she’s constantly moving to make up for it. She has her own weights at home that she will use, and she takes long walks whenever possible. She never thought to join a gym, mainly because she likes to exercise by herself. She’s been talking to me lately about joining a gym because she’s been interested in taking yoga classes. Yoga is something she’s always wanted to try because she wanted to see if it would improve her flexibility. My mom is not young, and high impact exercise take a physical toll on her body more than it ever has in the past. She’s hoping that with some yoga she can help to eliminate a lot of her aches and pains that have been bothering her over the years. She found several local gyms that all offer yoga classes for all ages. She is going to try out just one yoga class, see how I know she feels the next day. If she feels good, she will continue taking the class.