The heater in my office stopped working

I am a secretary/substitute teacher for a small private school in my area. I have been working at the school for about ten years now. I work five days a week from seven in the morning until four-thirty in the afternoon which is not too bad, but for some reason, Saturdays and Sundays are super busy and full of work as well. I use Saturdays to do some cleaning and work at home, but it is also my grocery shopping day. Sundays we go to church, and then go out with friends. I love my life, but I think I am at the point of maybe finding a part-time job that I can do from home. It would give me a lot more time to spend with my family because I would have all of my other duties done by the time they get home. I would have done this a long time ago if it were not for how much I love my job. However, the heater in my office quit working last week, and for some reason it has not been fixed yet. My office gets really cold, and I really do not like spending the day in a cold environment. The principal of the school said that he would have it fixed, but I think he may have forgotten about it. It is not the furnace for the building because everyone else has heat. I am not sure why my office just suddenly stopped getting heat. I checked the obvious and made sure that the vents were all open and that the thermostat was set to the right temperature. The longer it takes to fix my heating issue the more I am convinced that it is about time to start working from home instead.


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