Movie theater date

I have been talking to this new guy I met on a dating app for about two weeks now.

We have been talking on the phone and texting all day everyday for two weeks and I am ready to meet him in person. I am a little nervous because he seems great, but you can never be too sure when it comes to meeting people online. So, we decided that we would go to the movies one night. The day of our date, I was so nervous. I couldn’t eat all day because I was thinking about the date. So when I got to the theater I was happy to find out that he was just as funny in person as he had been on the phone. However, I noticed that right when I walked into the theater that ti was pretty warm, almost like the HVAC system wasn’t working. However, I thought I might just be nervous about the date so I didn’t want to complain to the manager that the HVAC system was broken if I was just sweating because I was nervous. Well, my date mentioned something to me about it being warm, so we thought it might be a good idea to say something. The manager said that the HVAC system stopped working about six hours ago and they had an HVAC company coming out to look at it as we speak. The manager also offered to refund our tickets so we could come back another day if we wanted. My date wasn’t upset about it at all and he was even making jokes the whole time. I am so glad that we went on this date, even if it didn’t end up like we thought it would in the beginning.