Looking at access control systems due to the homeless population

I have an office building in the heart of the city.

Before it wasn’t a big deal just letting my workers go through the front door and begin work.

Recently the homeless population has gotten out of control. There are people sitting outside of the building with signs and cups everyday. They have even gotten a little more aggressive and started shouting things to our workers. I have been working with the local cops to remove them from the premises. The problem is that they can just walk into the building if they want to. I have seen signs of the homeless starting to use the office restrooms and stealing supplies in our closest. This won’t do at all. I have started looking at security solutions. I am not talking about cameras and video surveillance. I am looking at a building access system. There is a card access control system installation and keyless entry. I am working on getting my workers something electronic based that they either type or swipe to get in the building. This way we keep the riff raff out and the office stays free of bugs. It is ridiculous that I am looking into an access control system because the city can’t control the homeless population. In my opinion they should all be arrested. They are basically using my parking lot as a free drug area. That shouldn’t be allowed. They should not be allowed to squat on my property and terrorize my people. The police need to get on about this problem.



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