I used to run my air conditioner only while in the afternoon

For a long time, I was like everyone else.

I would run my heating and air conditioner device only while in the afternoon, and then when dusk came, I would turn the cooling device off, since it would be cooling down anyways.

I never really thought that much about this schedule, I thought it was something that everyone did. I have had sleeping issues for as long as I can remember, however ever since I was a teenager, sleep has often evaded me. I am lucky in the aspect that once I fall asleep, I can stay asleep and not have broken sleep like some people do, but falling asleep is the issue. Even with the most comfortable bed, I still find myself tossing and turning, night after night. I have tried several different medications, with varying success. However the medications always made me feel somewhat like a zombie, and so I just decided to deal with my sleep issues. This is when I read about changing your hot and cold temperatures at night can improve your sleep. More particularly, running the cooling system at night can absolutely improve your sleep. I used to keep my dial control device set to the high 80s, but after learning about how lower hot and cold temperatures can improve your sleep, I have started setting the programmable control device to the low 70s. I was amazed at the difference, the first night I fell asleep fairly easily and slept through the rest of the night. For once, I woke up feeling refreshed in the afternoon.

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