I love my new thermostat

I didn’t know I would ever hear myself say that I love my new thermostat control unit.

A dial thermostat device was a device I never paid much attention to, it was a device simply used to control the heating and air conditioner unit.

As long as it did its job, that was the only thing I cared about. But now with my new smart control unit, I am finding myself learning more and more on the benefits and cool features it comes with. The funny thing is, I wasn’t planning on replacing my control device to begin with. I had a boring programmable thermostat, but since it still worked, I didn’t plan on replacing it until it stopped working. However, I saw an ad online of someone who mistakenly received two smart control units as a gift, and they were just giving the other one away. That is such a fantastic deal, I couldn’t resist. I am so glad I was the first one to get there and pick it up, because the lady told me she had been contacted by many people interested in the new control unit. But I was the one who arrived first, and so it was all mine. Installing it was a little troublesome, but that is because I am not really good at installing things at all. Thankfully there were a few videos online that helped me with the process. After the upgrade, it began working. I set my favorite hot and cold temperatures, and within hours, I noticed my household felt much cooler. It felt good inside, almost as if I obtained new Heating and A/C equipment.
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