Air conditioner at my book club meeting was going on and off

I had always had a fascination with joining a book club.

I saw things about them on TV over the years and thought that it would be a cool idea myself.

But the problem was I didn’t know of any book clubs where I was living at the time. Back then I was living in the countryside and we didn’t have a lot of people in the town I lived in. So there weren’t that many things you could do as far as clubs were concerned if you wanted actual people showing up. Now that I live in a bigger city, there’s all sorts of clubs and meet up groups that are available for people my age and older. It’s nice because I finally found a book club after all these years of wanting to go to one. Orange lake, the book club meets in a really old used book store that is in disrepair. There’s leaking water in the basement, and it makes the entire building smell musty and nasty. On top of that, the air conditioner is broken. It goes on and off throughout the day and the owner hasn’t done anything to fix it over here. So when we go to meet for her foot club meetings, it gets really hot inside as the air conditioner goes on and off through the whole meeting. I just wish there was a better air conditioner inside the store where we meet for book club. I don’t know if the bookstore owner will ever before I order ties getting a better air conditioner.
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