I just learned that my car's air conditioner has a removable filter

I like to go through life learning as much as I can all of the time, even if it’s with material that you think you understand.

I have been playing guitar for over 20 years but I will never run out of new things to learn on the instrument, or even about the instrument and its long history of use among various people across cultures all over the world.

That’s how I try to approach every single topic, no matter the depth of my existing interest or lack thereof. If I can’t find anything to watch on television, whether it’s movies or TV shows, I usually look for an informative documentary to watch. One of my favorite topics to explore via documentaries is Ancient Egypt. It’s fun learning about one of the earliest civilizations in the ancient world, let alone one as far reaching as Egyptian culture. But sometimes it’s smart to learn about practical things as well. That’s what makes Youtube so great, because you can learn basic tasks like fixing a clogged sink or replacing the air conditioner filter in your car. In fact, until I came across the video on Youtube, I didn’t even know that my car’s air conditioner had a removable filter in it. I knew about the air filter for the engine, but a/c filters in cars were news to me. I’m happy that I replaced it when I did, because the filter was fairly caked with dirt and dust after being in place for the three years I’ve owned this particular vehicle.


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