We considered ductless HVAC instead of new windows

For Christmas this year our wife and I aren’t going to provide each other a bunch of gifts, however instead both of us are going to work together plus buy one big thing for the house.

I would entirely appreciate purchasing current windows for the house.

I guess it would be nice to easily be able to open the windows and let in a fresh breeze, however our current windows are rusted, fogged over plus cracked; they are also quite ugly, however my wife wants to get ductless heating and A/C for our sheds… However, all of us each have our own shed, she has one that serves as her tool shed plus work station. Mine is our beach house gym… Neither of us have heating plus cooling there. I believe our wife is concerned about her tools rusting overtime due to the humidity in our area. In the Summer I would appreciate working out and having AC. heating in the wintertime would be nice too. The cost of a ductless heating and A/C unit with 2 indoor air handlers plus temperature controls is quite expensive, then you need to buy the actual system, hire a heating and A/C supplier plus pay for the upgrade cost. Then there is the cost of electricity plus operating it to guess. My windows are a one time payment plus upgrade cost. Then, overtime they should put away money. Think about it, the outdated windows are certainly leaky plus letting in outdoor air, then with current windows our beach house heating and A/C unit is certainly more energy efficient. That is why I want to do mine instead of our wife’s idea.