Improving things with a better HVAC system

There comes a time when remodeling is just not enjoyable anymore, and when I moved into our condo I was gung ho about fixing it up, then my partner plus I redid all the flooring, painted the walls plus scrapped the popcorn ceilings, then new lights, switch plates, outlets plus door handles were added; then all of us bought a up-to-date control unit, remodeled the powder room plus the study room.

My partner removed the residing room wood stove, patched the wood ceiling plus got roofers to detach the stack on our house.

Now more than one of us are slowing down! There is one powder room left that needs to be remodeled, however our windows are aged plus could genuinely be updated. All of us could add a brick driveway or even a pool to increase our condo value plus comfort; I simply don’t want to do any more projects though. I just want to sit back plus care about the fruits of our labor. My partner plus I agree that if every one of us spend money on the condo it will be something that is genuinely needed. Also, it will be an addition that every one of us personally don’t have to do. Our HVAC device is 18 years old plus could die at any afternoon. The roof is over 10 years old as well. All of us could hire a HVAC business or roofer to do those jobs. All of us just sit back plus pay for it. I honestly don’t want to pay for an up-to-date heater, A/C or a roof. Those aren’t exactly fun things to spend money on. I suppose it is coming though. At least this way I have time to gather the funds to pay for it.