The heating system wasn't working

I have an older oil burning heating system in our condo plus it can be testy at times.

I used to pay a fortune to have the unit repaired, however now I handle all of the repairs myself.

It took some time to learn everything I could about the oil burning heating system, however now I can even perform a tune up without any help. This season, I started off the oil heating system tune up by checking all of the mechanical affixions. I lubricate the motor plus the parts plus get rid of the seasoned oil filter. Having a modern filter is vital to the running of the machine. A dirty oil filter will cause major concerns plus leave black residue through the house. I also change the air filter plus check the oil levels. I noticed a area of the unit was loose plus I grabbed it to look at it more closely. It broke off in our hands plus crumbled. I knew it was going to be strenuous to find the part, although I never imagined it would take weeks. Thank goodness I decided to repair the oil heating system in November instead of waiting until September, because it took a while to locate the right part. I had 2 parts shipped to me that were not the right parts plus the sixth try was right on the money. After I installed the part, I realized that the particular area might not have been an integral area of the operating plan after all. The heating system may have run just fine without it.



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