Trying to be efficient with my HVAC

I took a look & discovered that the insulation had been compromised by moisture, bugs & rodent infestation

I am always looking for ways to adjust the efficiency of my home. My local section sees every type of weather in the most extreme way. During the Winter, the outdoor temperature frequently drops into the negatives. The summer seasons bring rapidly changing temperatures in the nineties & brutal moisture. The fall & Springtime are often wet, windy & muddy. Every one of us changes between running the gas furnace & relying on the cooling system with truly little changes in-between. The cost of heating & cooling adds up to about half of our household energy costs. Upgrading to thermal pane, low E, Energy Star rated windows & carefully caulking around them made a difference, but keeping up with filter changes & professional service helps to keep the gas furnace & cooling system operating at peak efficiency. I’ve installed ceiling fans to circulate the air. I run the blades in a circular pattern in the summer season to create a cooling effect. I reverse the rotation in the Winter to prevent the heat from rising straight up to the ceiling. When I complained to my Heating, Ventilation & A/C corporation about the high cost of this, he asked about my attic insulation. I realized I hadn’t given the insulation in the attic a thought since my family moved into the home over 6 years before. I took a look & discovered that the insulation had been compromised by moisture, bugs & rodent infestation. A properly insulated attic reduces the chance of the heat from the gas furnace migrating into the attic. It stops an overheated attic from adding to the workload of the cooling system in the summer season. I hired the Heating, Ventilation & A/C corporation to install modern insulation & right away noticed an improvement in how I feel.


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