Decided to go to a popular ghost hunting destination

We’ve watched so many ghost hunting shows, it’s insane.

I mean, I feel it’s possible some of these shows are faking the evidence, but I do feel there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence like apparitions caught on camera and EVPs.

Recently, my buddies and I were all talking about going to one of the famous ghost hunting destinations out west. Everybody was talking about taking a flight out there, but I had to stop them. I told them it would be easier to load all our ghost hunting equipment in our van and we could just drive to the destination. My buddies kind of rolled their eyes because they knew I was afraid of flying. I never felt like I was safe flying so high in the sky on an aircraft that can crash at any moment with something as simple as an electric failure. I also never appreciated the temperature controls very much on planes. You can adjust the HVAC vent by adjusting the speed of the airflow, but that’s all. You can’t get cold air conditioning, not really but you can’t expect for a large airplane to have such an advanced HVAC zone control system. I’m mainly just afraid of crashing and dying. My buddies argue that it’s more dangerous to drive, but I feel better being in control of the vehicle that’s taking me to our destination. So we rented a nice large van to hold our equipment and the van also has great gas mileage. The climate control system was the best thing and I think all my buddies also appreciated that. We did our ghost hunting at a famous saloon and we didn’t catch anything, but I swore I saw some sort of apparition while I wasn’t filming, which was a shame.